Dust extaction units

Dust extaction units

Stationary suction PC 04

Dust extraction for belt grinders

Special advantages:

  • Custom-built extraction solution for nearly every type of dust
  • High filter surface & high effectiveness
  • Large selection of filter material depending on the dusts to be filtered
  • Extraction of steel, stainless steel and aluminium dusts
  • Absolute final filter for stainless steel dust Extraction capacity of 2.000 – 10.000 cbm/h
  • Automatic switch-off in case of emergency stop

Type PC 01/TV-Q

Area of application
Extraction of grinding and polishing dust.

Classifying the dusts according to type,
particle size and concentration, it is possible to
determine the best possible technology and correctly dimension the filter system.

Special advantages

  • High filter surface & effectiveness
  • Large selection of different filter material
  • Absolute filter M14 for stainless steel dust
  • Automatic switch-off in the event of an emergency
Stationäre Absaugung PC 01
Dust extraction unit PC 01
Dust extraction unit PC 01

Description and mode of operation

The air to be treated flows into the filter (1) and enters a pre-chamber (1), which favours the separation of coarse pollutant particles. The airflow then passes through the filter cartridge (2) and deposits the contaminants outside the filter cartridge, while the clean air is discharged from the upper part of the filter (6). An electronic device (4) controls the cleaning of the filter elements (2) with a pulse jet system.

The pulse jet cleaning system consists of a counter-current injection of a high-pressure air flow to remove dust from the filterelements without interrupting operation. Correct cleaning of the filter fabric guarantees the flow of the air drawn in.

Absaugung PC01--funktion
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Motor power:1.1 kW
Filter area:10 m²
Extraction capacity:800 m³/h
Dimensions:500x500x1900 mm