Planetary grinding belt machine TP 80 and TP 80-S

Planetary grinding belt machine TP 80 and TP 80-S

  • Alternatively with hand or foot on/off switch
  • Adjustable sanding belt resistance
  • Wet grinding device complete with electric pump

The machines are suitable for grinding tubes with circular and elliptical cross-sections. The special thing is that even bent tubes can be ground on these machines.

  • A transfer movement to the drive rollers
  • A rotary movement around the axis of the tube to be ground

This system guarantees that the workpiece is ground on the entire surface of its perimeter. The micrograph corresponds to the grain size of the abrasive film used. By using grinding belts with a grain size of 40 to 800, a wide range of grinding patterns is possible, which can be selected depending on the purpose and use of the workpiece.

All rotating parts are mounted in closed ball bearings, lubricated with grease and equipped with tested safety devices.

The sanding belts can be exchanged easily and quickly, either when they are used up or because they need to be exchanged for a different grain size. The machine works in dry grinding, but it is better to use the built-in wet grinding device to immediately bind and remove the grinding dust that occurs during the grinding process. Optimum grinding results are generally achieved by using the wet grinding process. In addition, wet grinding guarantees cooling of the workpiece.

The ease of use and the speed with which the work is carried out make the TP type tube grinders a must-have for all industries that work on tubes.

Rohrschleifmaschine TP 100 mit Absaugung

Cylindrical grinding TP 80 / TP 100 application video

  • Technical data TP 80 up to Ø 80 mm / TP 100 up to Ø 95 mm
  • Data Sheets
Motor2,2 kW
Revolutions per minute1.450 U/min.
Voltage230/240 V
Maximum tube diameter80 mm
Grinding belt740 x 30 mm
Wet grinding facilityincluded
Height1.260 mm
Length800 mm
Width500 mm
Weight162 kg
Available with stepless speed control as Model-S
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