Abrasives hand grinders

Abrasive angle grinder

Roloc grinding and fever discs

Available in Ø 50 and 75mm

Grits: P24, 36, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120

Minimum order quantity 50 pieces per grit

Order No.: Roloc diameter (e.g. 050) grit (e.g. 040) = Roloc 050 040

3M Roloc Scotch Brite washers

Available in Ø 50 and 75mm

Grits: A crs(C), A med (M), A vfin (VF), S sfn (SF)

Minimum order quantity: Ø 50mm 50 pieces / Ø 75mm 25 pieces

Order No.: Roloc SC diameter (e.g. 075) grit (e.g. a med = M) = Roloc SC 075 M

Garryson Flexi and Minidisc

Available in dimensions ∅ 50 and 75mm

In the grits P40, 60, 80 and 120

Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces

order no. FLXZ diameter (e.g. Ø 50) grit (e.g. P 80) = FLXZ 050 080

Minidisc = MRZ
Flexidisc = FLXZ

Scotch Brite discs Ø 115mm

Available in the grits A corse (C), A med (M), A very fine (VF) and S super fine (SF)

Minimum order quantity 20 pieces

Order No.: SC115 grit (e.g. A fery Fine =VF) = SC115 VF

3M fever discs Ø 115 and 178mm

Minimum order quantity 50 pieces per grit. Available in the grit sizes P 24, 36, 50, 60, 80 and 120

Ø 115mm
Order number
61747-3M 61748-3M61749-3M61750-3M61751-3M61752-3M
Ø 178mm
Order number

3M Roloc Bristle Discs

Bristle cleaning discs for derusting, paint stripping and removing tarnishing

DiameterGrainColorMinimum Order QuantityOrder no.
50mm50green10 Piece22933-3M
50mm80yellow10 Piece22934-3M
50mm120white10 Piece22935-3M
75mm50green5 Piece07526-3M
75mm80yellow5 Piece07527-3M
75mm120white5 Piece 07529-3M

3M Bristle Discs with M14 mount

DiameterGrainColorMinimum Order QuantityOrder no.
115mm50green5 Piece24537-3M
115mm80yellow5 Piece24538-3M
115mm120white5 Piece24539-3M

Abrasives for stationary grinding machines